Joint venture foundation

In conditions of limited access to some markets, it is more profitable for entrepreneurs to associate for a joint search for markets. A joint venture (JV) foundation is one of the forms of such an association.

Joint venture advantages:

  • Decrease of production organization expenses
  • Risk sharing with partners
  • Direct control over the joint venture activities

At the same time, the key issues when founding a joint venture are the issues of joint venture investments, control over the joint venture activities and product protection.

Risks in foundation of joint ventures:

  • Blocking key decision making
  • Sudden partner withdrawal from the project
  • Copying the joint venture product by partner and further self-release of the product

However, partners can level the risks out by concluding a corporate agreement when founding a joint venture. The corporate agreement will fix the terms of (about):

  • Joint venture investments 
  • The order of formation of the joint venture management bodies
  • The profit distribution order
  • Conditions of withdrawal from the joint venture
  • Conditions of competition between partners.

Cost - from $ 350

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