Legal advices in the foreign representative office opening in the Republic of Belarus

Our lawyers provide full-service support when opening the representative office of the foreign company in Belarus.

Where can you get permission to open a representative office?

The procedure for the representative office opening is regulated by the Regulation on the procedure for opening and activities in the Republic of Belarus, approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 408 dated 30.05.2018.

The documents for the representative office opening are submitted based on the intended location of the representative office in:

  • Regional Executive Committees
  • Minsk City Executive Committee

If the representative office is located in the industrial park Great Stone, the representative office will be registered with the Administration of the industrial park.

Activities that can be carried out by foreign company representative offices 

  • Assistance in implementation of certain international treaties;
  • Studying the market of the Republic of Belarus to promote its services and goods;
  • Search for potential Belarusian companies for investment;
  • Foundation of commercial organizations in Belarus;
  • Sale of tickets for all types of the international transport.

Other types of socially useful activities are also possible, which are agreed upon privately.

The main stages of representative office formation

  • Making a decision on the representative office formation.
  • Issuance of a power of attorney for the director of the representative office and for lawyers.
  • Receipt of the extract from the commercial register, certification of a copy of the Charter.
  • Legalization of documents or apostille affixing.
  • Approval of the By-laws of the representative office.
  • State duty payment.
  • Submission of documents to the registering body.
  • Obtaining accreditation to establish representative office.
  • Registration with government authorities.
  • Opening a bank account.

Cost of services - from $ 800

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