Opening of a cafe or restaurant in Belarus

The lawyers of the company USInvest will help you to open a cafe in Belarus on turnkey basis. Our specialists will draw up all the necessary documents, including help with registration of:

  • applications and notifications of state bodies,
  • documents on the purchase/lease of premises for a cafe,
  • coordination of the operating mode at night time,
  • assortment list development;
  • receiving terminals and cash registers, connecting to the tax authorities control means;
  • development of process solutions for a kitchen;
  • license for retail sale of alcoholic beverages;
  • implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system;
  • development of Waste Management Instruction;
  • production control program.

The lawyers of USInvest will record the facility into the trade register, help to get sanitary station conclusion, arrange employees, coordinate the night-shift mode, get a license to sell alcoholic drinks and inform you about all the nuances regarding opening a cafe.

Customers choose us because we:

  • collect documents within 1-2 days, depending on the case complexity;
  • offer the services of lawyers who can speak foreign languages;
  • send documents independently to state bodies and facilitate their early consideration;
  • full turnkey support.


The franchise contract is one of the most difficult in business practice, because it regulates transferring not of goods or services, but of the entire business model.

The legislation establishes certain requirements for the franchise contract content. However, there are a lot of conditions not directly prescribed in the law:

  • Requirements for the premises and legal advice on selection
  • Agreement of lease terms
  • Terms of purchase of goods
  • Franchise quality control
  • Brand promotion
  • Recommendations for improving activities, etc.

The lawyers of our law firm will help you identify the risks in the work according to franchise model and give their recommendations regarding business paradigm improvement.


Specialists of USInvest LLC provide oral and written advices on legal issues in various branches of the law of Belarus.

The most common areas of legal advices are as follows:

  • Establishment, operation and termination of activities of companies;
  • Legal audit of the business scheme;
  • Migration issues;
  • Taxation;
  • Pricing;
  • Foreign trade activities, currency transactions;
  • Investment activity.


The lawyers of the company USInvest render comprehensive support in preparation of contracts, including conduct of negotiations with your partners.

We can prepare any contract of any complexity, including:

  • purchase and sale contract, supply contract;
  • lease (sublease) contract;
  • gratuitous use (loan) agreement;
  • construction project contract;
  • contract for services;
  • freight forwarding contract;
  • loan agreement;
  • agency contract;
  • mandate agreement;
  • commission agreement;
  • employment agreement (contract);
  • foreign trade contract.
Niche specialization of lawyers

This approach allows working over the practice issues as efficiently as possible, constantly be aware of innovations and features.

Lean business processes

All the business processes of the company are integrated with the CRM system. We neither forget anything, nor are late and we're always in the swim.

We value trust and reputation

Our competence is confirmed by customers' testimonials and The LEGAL500 and IFLR1000 international ratings.